Salvi Vivai, founding member of CIV (Consorzio Italiano Vivai, Italian Consortium of Nurseries), in partnership with 13 other international research centres, has contributed to the registration of over 40 patents of varieties (10 of apples and 30 of strawberries) and has developed and tested about 130,000 different crossings (100,000 strawberries, 30,000 apple trees), as well as having developed the first ultra-high density cherry trees not requiring a ladder (5000 trees/hectare).

The Salvi Group is a founding member of the CIV - Centro Innovazione Varietale (Variety Innovation Centre) which invests in research to market the latest, most ad-vanced new varieties of strawberries, apples, pears and peaches fully compliant with the new needs of the market. These fruits are high quality produce with a spe-cial attention to the environmental issues. CIV is particularly renowned for the many varieties of strawberries and apples and has obtained excellent results at national and international level.

100.000 crossings of strawberry plants - 30.000 crossings of apple trees.

Patents: 10 apple varieties - 30 strawberry varieties.

CIV cooperates globally with various stakeholders in this sector, from university re-search centres to companies and consortiums in various parts of the world. CIV co-operates and participates in testing and improvement programs with public and pri-vate institutions.

The growing and direct sale of fruit trees to growers is a clear guarantee of the quality of the produced fruit and vegetables' (that very often are picked/collected by Salvi Group). The support of Salvi Vivai in choosing the variety most suited to the terrain and climate of the area in which the trees are to be planted are among the key assets of the company.
Directly managing 1,700 hectares of crops represents, for Salvi, a key source of unique experiences to understand the real needs of the production chain. In addition to that, the direct relationship with over 1,000 associated producers (A.F.E. and C.J.O.) make this Group highly sensitive to the primary sector. Every step that leads from the growers to the consumers is clear and transparent in our company
Salvi's storage capabilities exceed 40,000 Tons; this makes our company a true giant, capable of supporting any market demand, from national and international major multiples to the most diverse type of traders..
the fruits are gathered at collection centres located in production areas to reduce the time of conditioning and preserve the features of and quality of freshly picked produce. Before being marketed fruit are selected through advanced systems. Thanks to its plants and facilities Salvi can process 1,000 tons per day!
Salvi UNACOA S.p.A. sells the finished product, its clients are both major multiples retailers (Italian and foreign) and the key European distributors.

SalviĀ Group is involved in every stage of the production chain of fruit and vegetables: