Born in 1929. Luigi has been with the company since the very beginning. Now he is taking care of the generational change, handing over his experience and his vision of the company to his sons and daughter. His tenacity and seriousness have led him to build a global leading company whose fame and renown reach every corner of the world.



Born in 1964. The heart of Salvi’s Sales Department. Dynamism and determination are the key traits of his work. The painstaking care and attention he devotes to all Italian and international clients always leave an indelible mark.



Born in 1966. The undisputed Queen of the nurseries and farms. An attentive, methodical agronomist with a strong sensitivity for innovation and research, she helped making Salvi Vivai a true global point of reference in the plant nursery sector.



Born in 1974. The Heart and Soul of IT and Finance. His versatile intelligence and passion for innovation and technology keep him always on the cutting edge.