The current owner's grandfather, Luigi Salvi, picked fruit from the farmers and sold it at the Bergamo market


The grandson of the founder and current owner of the group, Luigi, joins the company and substantially contributes to modernising the business


Luigi decides to move the business in Ferrara, the heart of fruit and vegetables production and marketing in Italy



A decisive choice is made: the company decides to directly grow fruit so as to implement the most innovative farming techniques firsthand


Salvi Vivai (fruit tree cultivation company) is founded; in addition to that the full production chain model experimented in Ferrara is so evidently successful that it is implemented also in Battipaglia (in the Campania region), and in Scanzano Jonico (in the Basilicata region).


Founding of UNACOA, the fruit and vegetable growers consortium where every member is a precious part of a larger group.